Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grandma's Cabin

This is grandma's cabin in Pisgah Forest, NC, where I spent my summers with her and my cousin, Roselyn. No indoor plumbing, no TV or electricity, oil lamps, wood stove and lots of LOVE!!  Roselyn and I slept together in the back bedroom. We had a "pee pot" under the bed because we did not want to have to hike to the outhouse in the middle of the night. How wonderful it was to wake up in the morning to fresh homemade biscuits cooked on that old Roman woodstove and what fun it was to climb that mountain and splash in the cold creek. And after a hard day of play grandma would make us take a bath in the galvanized tub behind the cabin. This is one of my favorite places.  My dad still lives on this property in a modern house and the cabin still stands, it is used as a vacation rental now with plumbing and electricity but still quite cozy.

My dad added a front porch to the cabin and put on a new roof at first it took some getting use to, but now I like it. Porches are great places to hang out.

Pearlie Jones Dec. 6, 1910 to Feb.20, 2008

This is the namesake of "Pearlie" my grandmother, taken a few years ago just after her 97th Birthday. Little did we know she would leave us the next year.  I sure miss you Grandma.  I know you are helping with the garden.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Moravian Falls, NC

FOUND THEM!! Pictures of the Falls.... This is a really special place, would love to plan a little rally here.  Are there any takers out there?...... let me know.

Our Maiden trip to Moravian Falls, NC

What a wonderful time we had!!! Great weather and cozy sleeping in the Pearlie Rose.

Most of the campsites are shady with a creek that runs around the camps. Water and power is available at most of the sites however no sewer hook ups, yet they have a dump station. This is a really peaceful and special place to camp. We have been coming here for about 10 years, it is relatively unknown, mom and pop type campground. It would be a great place for a rally with nearby Wilksboro and Boone just 45 min away.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ready for our first outing!!

Come on in, this is the view when you open the door to enter "Pearlie Rose"  I am so excited for the way everything is coming along we still have a few things to do. Like the floor and getting the stove hooked up. but we are taking off for a maiden trip to Moravian Falls.

I just had to stage her for these pictures. Dinner should be ready soon.!

This is the view from the bedding area at the back looking to the front dinning area.
 Below are part of my collection of Breyer horses. I have since passed them on to my daughter and between us we have quite a lot. These just reflected my mood today as I as staging the inside for these pictures.

 Another shot of the dining table from above.

I took the stove out for now as we will cook outside on this trip.  I need to save up some more $$ for the stove installation. So we will use the good ol coleman until then.  Here you get a glimpse of the bed area and can see how this little beauty is laid out.

 She is soooo cozy, I could hardly resist spending the night last night. Tonight however may be a different story.

     I call this shot "Bed Thyme".... makes ya just want to crawl in and snuggle down, don't it?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The construction Zone.... all work has to be done outside as we do not have a shop or garage
Hubby is working so hard to get this done!!

All his hard work has really paid off !! Look how nice the dining area is now.  WOW!!!

Then this will all turn into a nice bed with 4" foam cushions for support and comfort.  Got the foam at a source in Hillsville,. VA Mountain Fabric on Hwy 52... good prices and products.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Psalm 4:8

"I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety."

This is the verse for Pearlie Rose and those who travel with her.

Cooking right along

Well today through the vintage Shasta trailer forum, I may have secured some stove grates that will work!! yeah, then tomorrow we will begin working on the other bench and hopefully getting the gas lines hooked up. I can smell the coffee now!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Construction Zone

Here is the new bench for the street side of Pearl with storage underneath and behind notice the new white wall in front replaced because of water damage in the past.  I don't like the white gonna have ta figure out another color and then stain the benches and make cushions.

Beginning work on the curbside bench

What a mess construction makes! but look how nice Pearl is looking with the panel and wood stained a warm honey color... she is a country cowgirl by the way. Can't hardly wait to take her out on the town!

Working on the inside.

got a lot of the curtains made, ready to start on some pillows... but I am getting a little ahead of myself as DH is still remaking the benches for the front dining area which makes a single bed for my daughter.  I will post pictures in a few...

Hubby is checking her out for leaks as we had a bunch of rain the past 2 days.... but thankfully NO LEAKS the PO had cool- sealed the roof and sealed all the windows really well.  eventually there will need to be some wood to replace from a previous leak but for now it is in pretty good shape.

This is the stove we found on Craigslist it is a new, never been used Magic chef the guy just wanted to get rid of it because he was refurbishing an RV into a blood mobile... the only catch was it did not come with the grates. soooo I need 3 grates 7 inch in diameter or the two grates that cover the whole stove... anyone got?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Got rid of the checkered stripe now we have a clean slate to work with... just need to decide a paint theme.

Stained the interior it was much to white for me and cold! now she is warming up!

Could not wait had to make some curtains... she is started to get a personality now.  I ordered a 7" mattress for the back bed. I want to be comfortable!!

So she is kinda naked now on the inside... took all the checked cushions out.. for some reason the PO removed the benches for the front bed. They did do some leak repairs and she seems road worthy... only time will tell.

Day one

Here is what she looked like the day we bought her... apparently she had been used as a NASCAR party house.... first thing to go will be those checks!

Just getting started

Just bought "Pearl" a couple of weeks ago on April 23, 2012. I hope I can get some of our pictures up and then post some of her adventures.